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Not Just Fire Extinguishing Systems

At Dafo, we do not limit ourselves just to the production and sell of fire extinguishing systems, we are involved in fire safety from the beginning of the project. The practice of good fire risk management and fire safety saves lives and limits damage. Education and committed prevention work are required to achieve this. Dafo offers continuous training services to our clients and collaborators to create a comprehensive fire protection plan.

Dafo is committed to fire safety throughout the entire process:

  • Design: Our technical team, in collaboration with the manufacturer, designs systems compliant with regulations, measurements and integrations with the specific vehicle.
  • Manufacturing: We meticulously manufacturer each system following strict quality control guidelines.
  • Installation: We have the most qualified personnel and the best available means in the market to carry out installations in any¬†setting, including assembly lines.
  • Technical Documentation: At Dafo, we keep elaborate technical documentation of each and every designed model and photographic file of each installed model to be able to have information about the systems need by our customers in the future.
  • Service and Maintenance: We provide maintenance of all makes of fire extinguishing systems. We inspect and repair to ensure optimal performance.
  • Training: Dafo offers continuous training services to our clients and collaborators.