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Problem Statements

Short circuiting, overcharging, high temperatures and overheating cause thermal runaway and the release of a flammable electrolyte which makes fire extinguishing very difficult and this has stalled the progress of the HEV and EV industry. -European Commission
If thermal runaway occurs, delay propagation to address safe evacuation of the passengers. -Dafo
Venting of high-temperature electrolytic solvent vapors, either through pressure relief devices or holes in the casing.

Ignition and burning of the adjacent flammable vehicle components or surfaces. -NHTSA
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Solution Areas

Gas sensor that can detect Carbon Monoxide.

Intelligent thermal detection system.

Suppression of smoke, heat, and gas.

Thermal Runaway

Straight Forward

The system is designed and operates with a strive towards minimalism.

When a over-heated component or a thermal-runaway is detected, it triggers the system to activate and suppress any potential fires.

Multiple Zone Protection

When a fire is detected, the suppression agent will only deploy at the specific zone, allowing the system to protect and monitor multiple zones.


1. Distribution

The distribution system completely covers the identified fire zone with suppression agent and will hold the discharge for a full minute to fully suppress fire.


2. Thermal Detection

The thermal detector is routed around the batteries and detects thermal activities at specific temperatures. Material; High performance fluoropolymer jacket FM Approved; For corrosive environments Detects; Temperature, location, and time of detections


3. CO-Sensor

The CO-sensor makes it possible for early detection and warning for critical alarms and action.

  • Auto compensation for temperature and humidity.
  • Selectable Sensitivity: 0-1,000 ppm CO
  • Up to 10 years product lifespan

4. Distribution Valve

The manifold is equipped with distribution valves that opens separately through an electric valve, when the system is discharged.


5. Control Unit

The control unit gathers information, analysis data, communicates information and can make decisions when the driver is not there.

  • J1939
  • 3 zones capability
  • Internal Backup Power
  • IP67
  • Meets and exceeds J1455

6. Digital Display

The display provides the driver with information and alerts incase of emergency.

  • Full Color Touchscreen
  • Inc. instructions for Service and Maintenance
  • Access to data history

Information Mode

Service Mode

Emergency Mode


7. Agent Container

The agent container uses the same reliable technology used to inflate airbags. The contained is un-pressurized until activated and requires no scheduled maintenance.

Research conducted with a collaboration of experts from relevant fields:

Fire Suppression (Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection)

Battery Technology


Sensor Technology


Vehicle Manufacturers

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